Complain Here About E-mini "order Mistakes"

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by slapshot, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Please send an e-mail and voice your concerns: Only firms that screw up and install no safeguards against order mistake tragedy should be liable - not all the other traders affected by it (busted trades). The Firm that screws up should be liable for both sides of other traders' positions.

    It's plain wrong that after a so-called "mistake" that trader's who were in winning trades should get their trades "busted".



    PS I was not in a position either time recently so I have no financial motive - it's just plain manipulation and it's wrong.
  2. boo hoo hoo. eom. thank you.

  3. I wonder if you are such a smarmy jerk to people face-to-face -

    "Chat Posts - the Great Tool of the Anti-Social"
  4. hell no i'm a big wus:p
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    I have to agree with you, FPC. You play with fire and you get burned. I've had IB freeze up on me with a position going against me. Is it their fault? Maybe. But I own my actions. No one is forcing anyone to trade anything.

    By the way, what's "eom?" End of Message?


  6. I am the first one to agree with you about embracing risk - however....

    Apparently, you must be unaware of what has been happening lately with E-mini trading - as soon as you are affected by it, then you'll feel different.

    PS I have not been affected by it, but these so-called "order-entry" mistakes are bullshit and obviously intentional - sooner or later, all traders will be affected by it if it is not stopped, even people trading unrelated indexes or stocks - the point of this was to voice our concerns to the governing agents that we want them to keep a lid on blatant market manipulations.


  7. you're right - i apologize for the flippant remarks.
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    My comment on all of this is equivalent to my previous posts on similar problems with CME markets: No matter how liquid these markets are, if the CME continues to have problems like this in maintaining an orderly market in any of their contracts then firms and people that have a choice will move their business to other exchanges and markets.

    Each of these incidents serves to erode confidence in the CME's mangement, particularly with all the changes they have made since they put together their IPO.
  9. Just for the record, the market is manipulated all day. You're simply seeing what happens when thier fingers slip, they get bored taking small chunks, or some new player gets involved that has no finesse.
  10. the difference is, nobody breaks those trades.
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