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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by 7thdim, May 13, 2005.

  1. 7thdim


    We have decided to create a new account with IB for the last weekend and finished all necessary documents.
    They accept our funds into their pocket for a week now. We are still waiting address verification ??
    Why did they accept our funds first, before our activation ? Is there someone to answer this honestly ?
    They quickly accept our funds and thrashed us in a terrible waiting period (a week passed away). The worst is, still saying
    "We dont know when your account is ready to use " ??? Of course you dont know, because you already have our funds.
    We want back our wasted time first not the only funds. Do we have any real chance ?

    Sergey Averbach
    Managed Accounts Dept.
  2. jrkob


    When I opened my IB account, I opened it first, then I funded it. And not vice-versa.
  3. jsmith


    Did you wait until your account was approved before sending your money?
    After your account is approved, they send you an email asking you to fund the account.

    Have some patience. The stock market will still be there when you are ready.
  4. What's the point of this thread ? Why do you lose time posting this here ? Why don't you better spend your time sending them a proof of address and start trading ?
  5. 7thdim


    No. We simply transfer the funds from another broker into IB before the all this terrible verification period begins. NOW they have our funds already for a week, and still saying we dont know the exact time when will your account is ready ...

    Is this normal ? If this is normal (ACCEPT FUNDS FIRST PLAY THE MONEY WITH A WEEK or more and say we dont know when will you ready to use your live account), who can give us back to the wasted time and how ?
  6. 7thdim


    We are not losing time to posting it here. We already sent the proof of address. THEY blocked us by accepting our funds and queued us in a terrible waiting period. Is this too regular which the brokers accept funds from the new clients and give them a reason of we are unable to process your address about the reason of translation, etc. problems. ? especially if this brokers are the industry leader ... Or am I wrong ?

  7. JackR


    Are your funds actually at IB or are "in-transit" between your other broker and IB?

  8. Shouldn't you know this? According to your crappy website (man, it is bad!:D) you manage FX accounts - got much experience in this area?

    Tell you what, you ain't managing none of my funds if the best thing you've got to do right now is complain about sh1t like this...
  9. Xenia


    Right, that´s the way to open an account with any broker.
  10. If you took the time and effort to CAREFULLY read IB's instructions they tell you EXACTLY what to do. No sense in bashing a perfectly good broker. If you had no account setup, what in the world did you expect them to do with the funds, LOL.
    #10     May 13, 2005