Complacency and lack of motivation

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    First off, let me preface this: I am seriously not trying to come off arrogant or cocky in any way. I feel like I've fallen into a state of complacency and indifference. Not too long ago, I was a voracious financial magazine/news/book reader and was always learning and reading about stocks/companies. Now, I feel like I'm at a point where I don't have to do anything else. I've been doing very well in equities and I'm crushing the S&P500. Profit on the year is on pace to be 60% annualized. I have absolutely no motivation to improve myself. My inner competitive self is telling my other complacent half that somethings wrong. I'm sure some of you guys are going to jump down my throat telling me I'm just bragging and want pats on the back blah blah blah blah.... but seriously, how do you kick yourself out of complacency and convince yourself that your current level of returns are not good enough, that you can be better, etc. I have a severe lack of motivation.... I don't see why I should work any harder when I'm already at a level where I feel comfortable.
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  3. The best way to do it is....well for some reason I lost the desire to tell you or go into detail...

    Hmmm.. maybe if I sit and do nothing it will come back to me.

    Tired.... gonna take a nap...
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    How about a losing streak? Surely you will find one, sooner or later.
  5. Buy 100 or so calls or puts on a single stock.

    That will motivate you not to screw up something.

    Or better yet, why not try to learn Forex. That beast is something else, I have significant trouble understanding how Forex moves and why I don't perform well in it.

    I had been trying a demo account for about 20 days and I'm only up $51.05 on a $5,000 demo account with about 8 trades.

    That will get you interested i'm sure.
  6. I disagree, Just pro yourself in a certain niche, I've accustomed myself 100% to equities already, Would never move to futures, would never move to currency, all those trading vehicles are just that, trading.

    When the big money is in the sitting, Trading is a bad word.

    This threadstarter who's posting better have a 7-8 fig networth when posting this, or he doesn't have shit at all :D
  7. Hehe, that is why I love trading, always get to learn. I don't understand how someone can be bored with this job!!!

    It's amazing.

    BTW CW, I've noticed you been more active lately, how's the business and/or trading going?
  8. How much are you up on the year? Not in % terms but in $$$ terms.

  9. It sounds as if you're maintaining a fixed strategy in a regular instrument.

    Maybe you should divide a portion of your capital and set up a separate second account for a completely different strategy. It takes a large amount of study to relearn the trade in a new way, and when your mind is engaged with fitting itself to a new environment you get that pleasurable feedback again once you begin to see progress.

    Learning is the only way to get that excitement again because it's a natural function of the human brain to reward you for discovering something, and there is always something else to learn in the markets.
  10. if you are happy and making the $$$$you want - then who cares??

    other alternatives:take a break/holiday, volunteer, xbox 360, excercise, porn??

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