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    I spoke w Generic & was offered the following with a XXX deposit:

    [EDITED BY MAGNA:] You are welcome to ask people what would be a competitive deal these days. Sorry, but you are NOT welcome to post the specifics of a non-sponsor's deal. This is not where we post job-offers and deals, otherwise every firm would have someone register at ET, post the specifics of a deal, and start their post with....

    "I spoke w ABC Company & was offered the following with a XXX deposit:"

    I trade swing trade mostly NASDAQ stocks and wanted to know if this is the most competitive deal in the current climate?

    If not what is a more competitive deal for similar situation? All help is appreciated.

    Thanks :confused:
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    Carlin software is very good. I've traded 3 different places in my career and Generic is best of those 3.
  3. I traded a short time with generic and had a terrible experience with them. I will never do business with them again!
  4. Who would you trade with based on your experience?
  5. ETG! They have been excellent.
  6. i have heard they have the highest commission rates in the biz; have they come down?
  7. They have been very fair in all my dealings with them!
  8. i think you also have a group if i remember right so its a different story. you would like higher commissions they work well for you and firm. this is not an attack on you at all. generic is not a bad firm and they offer good deals. ask a million people and you will get a million different answers.
  9. I don't want higher commissions, what trader would? When you consider the entire package, it's better than anything else out there, that's what I am saying!
  10. i find that very hard to believe. what etg considers a fair rate is usually about double what good traders pay at competitive firms.
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