Competition versus Cooperation

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Which would you choose?

  1. Competition, even if it kills me

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  2. Cooperation, as I am a "pussy", girlie man

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  1. The human mind thinks of opposites. Every concept to be fully understood should be examined at the opposite meaning as well.
    When you reduce the terminology of "Competition", in an abstract (philosophical) fashion it means survival of the fittest (or the few). The concept's opposite is Cooperation, reduced in an abstract fashion means survival of all (or many).

    When facing the choice as your life depends on it, which one would make more sense?
  2. Thin the herd, the sooner the better.
  3. but but but...what if the herd is YOU?
  4. I'm prepared to take that chance.
  5. OK, that's fair.....
  6. So were talking about an abstract herd of philosphies :/ ?
  7. No, we are seeking the key to the survival of the human race...

  8. Wow and to think the Human Race has dominated for eons, without the help of this thread.
  9. What choice??

    If you're one of the fittest, your optimal choice is survival of the fittest. If you're not one of the fittest, your optimal choice is not survival of the fittest.

    Perhaps you wanted to ask the following question:

    When facing the choice as our lives [the human race] depend on it, which one would make more sense?
  10. Food for thought; Which is the only species on the planet that violates natures rule of survival of the fittest. Not only do they violate this rule, but they exceedingly do everything possible to ensure that the least fit survive.
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