Competition for worst trading damage picture

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  1. here's mine...
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  2. Tough day eh? Hope it gets better.
  3. OMFG, now that's keeping it real!

    Until I got a handle on my trading I would go from this:


    ... to this:


    Just try to maintain your focus and work through it ... trading is all about discipline.
  4. Maybe you should replace it with a steel door for more of a challenge.
  5. Lucrum


    I haven't had that kind of day in a while.
    But you and I do have a little something in common though.
  6. I didn't wreck anything but when I got po'd, I would take every piece of trading related notes, charts, everything on my desk I was working on and put it in a box and put the box in the basement.

    I either had to recall what I was doing from memory or start over. Often it would lead me to a new approach because I did not want to start over with what wasn't doing me any good in the first place.
  7. I got this once from thumping my desk with my laptop on it.

  8. this was actually many moons before I had developed rigoruous trading discipline. I have a note taped to my screen: "Never a bad day if you follow your rules." One of the rules I adopted over time was to quit trading a certain system for the day after 2 consec losses, and to limit any 1 day's loss to 3%.

    The door in question resulted after a day where I lost twice on a certain system, while simultaneously breaking my rules for stop loss%. Furious, I traded twice more, and lost twice more. Finally I gave it one more shot and lost again. The net loss was 0-5 and exactly -$2000 for the day. At the time, this was a 10% loss in one day. That was the last time I broke my rules, and I haven't had a bad day since. I made it all back the next month. That's two months of sweat and tears to break even.

    I've kept the door as a reminder : )
  9. havent felt like that in at least a year, but i know the feeling well.
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