Competing Deals for CyberTrader Refugees.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by seasideheights, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Hello Trading Firms,

    As you may know, Cybertrader is shutting down.

    It will no longer exist in mid December.

    Now is your time to offer Cybertrader traders a great deal to move to your firm.

    Post in this thread your BEST deal for existing Cybertrader clients who don't wish to trade directly with Schwab.

    We're listening....

    PS: Don't give us a number to call for pricing. Post your best deal here.
  2. good luck with this request. use the search button and do your homework, your better off.
  3. Thanks for the good luck wishes.

    It's very rare that a trading firm the size of CyberTrader puts their customers up for grabs. I doubt firms will pass up the opportunity to get a nice influx of new customers before the year ends. If I owned a trading firm, I'd put up special pricing for existing CyberTrader account holders.
  4. i see your point, are cybertrader customers special for some reason versus other traders?. we all do volume.. everyone has to do their homework, A TICKET deal, if thats what your referring to, are hard to come by.. i don't think anyone is going to knock on your door with a great deal.. then if your strictly retail, their may be some options out their. you will have to shop around like we all do for the best deal that meets your needs. good luck..
  5. Since you are talking about pricing...
    No one can compete with IB's pricing for stocks...
    Especially when you factor in the short position interest.

    And IB is so profitable...
    That they couldn't care less about anyone.

    Every one of you CyberTrader guys...
    Can expect to be treated exactly like an 18 year old with a $5,000 account.

    IB calls this type of abuse "egalitarianism".
  6. QUANT.. what is so special about ib pricing, from my knowledge most firms beat their rates? what is their rate?
  7. I am a little surprised myself that other direct access firms haven't made a big push for CT customers. But what are the alternatives?

    There are plenty of alternatives if one is looking for a fast direct access platform with ultra cheap rates but no or lousy charting. Most of the prop shops offer remote retail accounts, for example. There are plenty of options if one wants a platform designed mainly for swing trading. There are not so many alternatives if one is looking for true direct access, decent rates, ie $.006 per share, plus excellent free charting and Lev II. The alternative for CT used to be RealTick, but there don't seem to be many brokers offering that now, plus it was inferior to CT. I'm not familiar with Genesis, but it seems to get mixed reviews. Perhaps TradeStation is an option, but they have had a terrible reputation for customer service. RedSky seemed promising, but it's easier to get into the CIA's website. TOS seems vey expensive for stocks.

  8. (You knew this was coming).

    If you guys can take the Series 7, you might want to consider ramping it up a notch.

    We've had several already, wasn't sure of the reason since so many retail traders switch.