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  1. Would the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics GPU support 2-3 Optiquest Q7b 17" LCD Monitors with 1280x1024 resolution?

    Also how do you know what will work with mutiple monitors?

  2. Bob111


    how you planning to connect monitors to integrated mb? as far as i remember,integrated GPU usually provide only ONE VGA output. look at the picture below

    separate PCI cards will work

    buy two of those-

    and plug up to 5 monitors
  3. Okay, Nvidia doesn't make the mobo. They don't make the computer. They make the chip. Your ability to display multiple monitors depends on your ports. Look on the back of the computer where you hook up monitors and look for multiple ports. If you only have one port, as some do, you will have to add a video card. Hence I said to check out Gnome's used cards.
  4. gnome


    nView adds bells and whistles to multi-monitor rigs, but user will still need to have one video card port per monitor.

    Personally, I run my Quadro NVS cards without installing any Nvidia driver... relying instead on the XP library driver. There are pros and cons for using the driver and not.
  5. gnome


    Have you purchased the rig with the 6150? In the future for multi-monitor rigs, suggest you avoid mobos with onboard video. They usually work with other cards, but not always.... and even when they work, there are sometimes complications.

    Your mobo may also have a PCIEx16 slot, or not. It will have 2-3 PCI slots which you might use for video cards... like the Quadro NVS 280 dualhead or 400 quad. If yours has a PCIE slot, you could get a NVS 440 quad.

    If you don't have the computer yet, suggest you get something without onbaord video.