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    I am almost done selecting all the hardware for my first trading setup. I spent a great deal of time researching everything out there and focused on finding a broker that fit my needs. I settled on IB for my first account. I have had to spend some time getting to know the interface and see a few limitations connected to the java interface. The charting and data on TWS seems a little behind some others, but finding good 3rd party add on programs should compensate for that. My main concern is the compatibility of TWS as well as some of the more popular add on software. I’ve searched past threads and didn’t really see anything that cleared this up for me accept some were having issues with Esignal that were able to be resolved through some configuring. Any recommendations as to add on charting/data feed software as well as compatibility would be greatly appreciated. (I’ll be trading mainly stocks on a very limited market base, nothing fancy)

    I build computers from bare case up selecting each component and can load any os I want. I’m just so tired of xp and how bad it is. It takes 45mins just to download all the updates, patches and it still doesn’t run properly. I much prefer vista, but if the compatibility issues are too great, xp is still an option. I’m not against running xp for awhile until the software gets up to date and then doing a fresh format with vista even if that time frame is only a few months.

    Thanks for the help
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