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    This time author tryed to compare FXCM GFT and FXSOL/proedge

    All have 20 mln$ + capitals ,all are not pure agent of principals
    and traded agianst clients interess .

    GFT and FXSOL have reserved htnml version for heavy network conditions ,FXMC not

    All have single click order capabilites

    Downloading version is better from FXCM (lower volume ,by GFT more as 20 mb,by FXSOL ,more as 20 mb with .net)

    Spread is worster by FXSOL aud/jpy -7,NZD/JPY -9 ,CAD/JPY -9

    FXSOL related to good future broker -infinity brokerage

    FXCM -solely FX .

    FXCM have not good complaints records by CFTC/NFA

    All offer margin 1:400 ,by GFT liquidation margin is 1:1600 ,
    FXCM offer initial and liquidation margin 1:800 ,250$ for
    one GBP/JPY lot

    all offer mini account with 250$ and unity 10000

    FXMC offer contest -first price 2500$ for win against
    4000 competitors with result 350%-855% per month

    Relevant comment would appreciated
  2. Wow i am shocked by looking at the spreads.
    All NZD/JPY, CAD/JPY, AUD/JPY i am offered 7 pips spread from my broker. And i am trading Futures and Currencies both in 1 account, The name of broker is STIFX..
    I am trading with them for over 1 1/2 year now, And happy with the spreads and Execution...

    GFT is a good broker too, I have heard some bad things about FXCM. i dont like that myself.
    FXSOL no idea.. sorry.
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    CAD/JPY and AUD/JPY must be 5 ,not 7 .That is offered
    GBP/JPY broadly offered 8 ,not 9

    and by FXCM until 6

    MBT RADING clear is better by all
    some 2 by EUR/JPY against 4 by anothers .

    But margin is only 1:100
  4. I am offered GBP/JPY from STIFX 6 pips..
    And EUR/JPY 3 pips.

    I havent traded with MBT Trading, but i think its better to stick with spreads, then rather charged hefty commissions.. Or its better to go with Currenex system.. where less commissions and good liquidity, Its my view.
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    Very can be ...

    Interessed only from folloving grounds -

    FXCM,Interbankfx and FXSOL offer trader competition
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