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    I am interested in finding the features that should be in a good auto trading (AT) program. I am particularly interested in feed back re auto trading software that will interface with Interactive Brokers (IB). Also I will share what experience I have had with using auto trading systems(ATS).

    I have two ATSs running on Tradestation(TS) using TS as the broker and I have found that you can't let these things run without attending to the problems that come up. Internet disconnects are not handled very well by TS. Once you have a disconnect, you have to know what to do to get the auto trading back on line. It doesn't recognize that the open positions belong to your auto trading routine. Also the difference between limit orders in the strategy and unfilled limit orders must be handled manually.

    I am wondering how well Tradebolt(TB) and NinjaTrader(NJT) can handle these two issues since both have an interface to IB. I haven’t seen any feed back on NJT other than from a CTA I know who uses it and likes it (but he doesn't use IB). I would like to write my own interface to IB but I am still in the process of learning programming, I am somewhat proficient at or C++ (and don't know any other ones) so I am looking to NJT or TB as a faster solution to ATS via IB than writing my own software using the IB interface. As an interim step both of these programs (TB & NJT) can take TS automation code and send the signals to IB. The CTA I know is currently using TS and NJT to send signals to other brokers.

    Also there are some other programs that will do auto trading to IB that are also complete or partial research platforms with advanced tools. One that I have only briefly looked at is Amibroker but this one lacks some advanced tools such as cycle studies and neural nets. TradersStudio, which is my favored research platform and is the only one that has all the advanced technology re trading tools, will have AT capability once the real time version is out (currently in beta).

    In the short run, I am interested in feed back from TB and NJT users who connect to IB. Particularly the problems encountered. How well does the software handle disconnects and unfilled limit orders and how easy is it to use. NJT allows re-coding of the strategy into their software but not sure about TB.

    What other platforms should be considered for this purpose?
  2. Neoticker. I'm a long time user and couldn't be happier.
  3. There is Strategy Runner, MultiCharts, NeoTicker, NinjaTrader, TradeBolt, TradeBullet, and OpenQuant ~and (some others)

    I bought a lifetime membership at Ninja Trader which is good for the basics, however once you start to get into it you realize that there are many things you just can't do. Look on the NinjaTrader forums and search for my name is HelloHello, you'll see all the Questions I've asked and how they respond saying "sorry this is not supported"

    I read here on the forums about OpenQuant and downloaded the trail. It truely is the most complete ATS that I know of(and I've looked at about 7 or so). I ended up purchasing the lifetime membership and am very happy especially with all the features that I'm able to do in OQ vs Ninja Trader. I know you use IB, however Open Quant also supports Genesis, which IMO is the best brokerage for US equities.

    If you do have a feature you'd like they really take that into consideration. Like at IB there was a Time in force property that wasn't included. I posted on the forums and within about 3-4 days, they upgraded the software

    ~ I honestly can say that at the retail level AFAIK this is as good as you get
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    Second vote for smartquant
  5. 3rd vote for smartquant

    however... only because coming soon I guess in the next weeks or so they are going to offer the ability to run mutiple stratgies at once.

    Before you could only run one at a time. That's the reason why I didn't buy and instead programmed in the brokers API, but once the multi strat verision comes out, no question my vote is for smartquant
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    Tnx re smartquant. I though neoticker handles multiple simultaneous strategies too?

    RE other ATSs: how about whether a strategy can be based on multiple symbols? IE trading the cash index but watching the futures etc etc?

    tnx curt
  7. I am running TT Pro with a application programming interface (API)

    I have my server at a colocation for safe keeping.

    Worth every penny for the reliability I get.
    I have found all mentioned above do not compare for reliability.

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    What's the product name (TT pro)?
    tnx curt
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