Comparing varieties of Poker

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  1. How do you feel the different versions of poker compare. Which ones do you think are easiest to win at?

    For instance: Texas Holdem, Draw, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple.

    No Limit, Raise/Fold, Pot Limit.

    Any others I left out?
  2. Texas Holdem is the only game in town that seperates the men from the boys. Not the easiest but the most comparable to trading. Spy vs Spy. That's why the world championship IS Texas Holdem.
  3. I find 7 card stud the hardest b/c of my poor memory. But w/o that defecit I believe it is easier. No-limit Hold-em, never played no-limit myself, is the game for any real man. It has also, recently, been the most populated by weekend clowns (free money) because of the popularity of Rounders.

    p.s. Crazy Pineapple??
  4. Crazy Pineapple is like Holdem, but you're given three private cards, and you have to discard one of them after the flop (first three common cards on the table).

    I didn't really want to know which was the game for the Real Man, I want to know which is the easiest to win at!
  5. Crazy Pineapple seems like it is the hardest know that I know what it is, more unknowns. I am guessing it isn't the world series game b/c it is unorthodox. And, it would sound odd if you heard:
    "It all comes down to this Bob, one hand and we'll know the world's best poker player.. it's crazy, Crazy Pineapple at its best."

    The easiest depends on so many things. Stud is the most odds-based. This might make it seem easier, but those who play it tend to know more about odds. The biggest factor, like the market, is the amount of dumb-money on the table. Two to three years ago that was unquestionably Hold Em, but it would be hard to say now.

    BTW, where do you play from Mass? Mohegan, Foxwoods, other?
  6. I do it all online. So far: and
    I'm also on, which is a board like Elite Trader run by

    My name there is My Cards Win.

    Crazy Pineapple is fun, because when you discard you are usually having to take a guess on what kind of hand you might end up with, for instance you're choosing between a shot at three of a kind or two pair and flush or straight, and you don't know what the last two cards will be when you discard. You might like it if you give it a try, it's kind of a creative game.
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    That depends on who you're playing against. The odds are irrelevant when they are the same for everyone. It's how you deal with the cards you've been dealt vs. the number of people at the table. Heads up is a completely different game from having a full table.
  8. Hold em is the only game! BTW, anybody see that new show last night "lucky"....the premier was on 10pm ET last show 10 pm ET on tuesda....on FX
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    But Lucky could be a good show.
  10. NY Times Book Review just wrote up about the world series of Poker championships...

    interesting stuff
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