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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fts, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. fts


    Which one is better for overall swing trading not so much for daytrading?
    Worden TC2005

    Any other suggestions welcomed....
  2. djxput


    hmmm well I assume you mean you want to use daily charts alot?

    I think 60 min charts help alot when you want to analyze entry on a daily time-frame. Alot of times you can pick something up on the 60 min that you dont see on the daily.

    I dont remember how much the tc2007 is for intra day data but I think its alot for that package ...

    I just subscribed to Qcharts (again); I like their charts alot.

    Not many indicators or fluff; nice for a chartist. A bit expensive thou; nice thing is they have a nice history of back intra-day data to play with.

    Not too familiar with IQchart; alot of people like ensign on this forum. Esignal well you can do alot of custom indicators and other things but you'll be paying a premium for intraday.

    Of course you could go with just daily data and not do 60 min.
    And you could go cheep then ie use a free website etc ...
  3. For swing trading i think Worden is better. Have you tried AIQ? if they ahve a free trial it might be worth a look.
  4. For a long time I have been looking for a stock tracker software for my E61. Currently I tried a little soft named MobFinance. It works great on my phone, with just one click, I can view latest quote info and manage my portfolio right on my hand!
    Recommending this to you, can have a free try.
    Free downloading at

    If anyone has other good tools, pls tell me. :)
  5. taowave


    AIQ is a very interesting program,especially if your time frame isnt intraday...

    First of all,its very easy to program and set up your database in a market/sector/industry/stock setup..many others claim to do it,but they dont do it nearly as well...

    You can also cretae custom index's very easily and compute full breadth calculations...

    The data window,is one of the best as far as providing input...

    If you are more of a technical trader,its a great program.Dan Zanger uses it....
  6. agpilot


    fts: Worden bros TC2005 is having their once a year discount signup.. $240 for a year. There is a lot of written info shared on their website besides just charts. You might lean a lot reading the many daily Reports from other users... Quite a bit for $20 bucks a month.... (No I don't get a cent for plugging 'em)