Comparing the stock market with forex.

Discussion in 'Forex' started by epic767, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I’ve been trading stocks for a while now, but with little common sense I’ve realized that Forex is the most superior instrument if one wants good returns.

    The sole reason is that you can leverage it 200 times. If you want to make money you need money, and here it gives you the opportunity to get 200 times more. Any price fluctuations resulting in an increase of 1% becomes 200% due to this powerful amplifier.

    Well enough with stating the obvious, but Forex is the superior one if one knows how to consistently get positive returns.

    Since I’ve never traded with currencies before, I can’t tell whether it is as difficult/easy to make positive returns as with stocks. Any input on that would be of great help.

    I do however suspect that it is more difficult to be as accurate due to its complex nature. Thus, more unpredictability in conjunction with a 200:1 leverage becomes a very risky investment if one doesn’t know what one is doing.

    Therefore: the losers lose more, and the winners win more. If you can consistently be on the right side, then you can quit your job.

    If you can be as accurate with stocks as with Forex, the former one is then the one to choose.

    As a newbie, I have 7 questions and it would really help to get those answered:

    1Do anyone know a good atomized system or preferably an independent site that audit different systems, and compare them like and what do you think about this system:

    2Do you have any experience with any system and did it work?

    3Do anyone know a good Forex simulator and where can I find it( or is that what a demo account is).

    4How much money do you make each month?

    5Is there any free currency screener available

    6Which are the best software tools, and by how much can you increase your accurateness employing them.

    7 Is it possible for me who live in australia to trade with EURO/USD or is it only possible to trade Aud with other currencies, or is it just that you have to take into consideration a third currency,thus making it more complex.
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    I forgot one question

    8 What percentage make and lose money and is the return on average greater for investors than investors trading in other instruments, taking into account the risk factor and that you can leverage 200 times.

    Thank you spending your time reading this message.
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    The url you post and ask about purports to audit signals ("Vortex II") from Team Forex, an entity more accurately covered at this url:
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    Constant bombardment with cheesy ads from the bucket shops seem to be working, or at least they're getting some attention from the newbies.

    Happy Trading :)