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    I'm fairly new to trading and spent a significant amount of time researching TA tools... I've narrowed down my choices to eSignal and QCharts. Did a trial with both (created many workspaces, layouts, different chart layouts, quotes, etc...) ...
    Here are the things I like/disklike about each:


    1. Nice quote view, easy to add new symbols, being able to divide and sort on the division is awesome
    2. For some reason charts are a lot clearer than eSignal and most importantly they fit more bar than eSignal on the same same screen space
    3. Portfolio tracking (stop $, stop %, risk $%... very good) not present in eSignal
    4. Datafeed is not as reliable as eSignal
    5. Hotlists are awesome (have to pay extra for eSignal scan...)
    6. Drawing tools are much more precise
    7. Ability to browse websites and customize...


    1. Very easy to use with multiple monitors
    2. Datafeed is reliable and fast
    3. Like the ability of quickly switch time periods on advanced chart
    4. Like the ability to creating new indicators
    5. I can share charts, quote files, etc in multiples layouts...
    6. Very bad newsreader...

    My biggest issue with eSignal are the quote view which is very hard to enter or arrange symbols, the portfolio feature which is very limited (not risk $, %) and the fact that the charts don't fit as many bar as QCharts (ofcourse using the same screen size)...

    Any comments? Is there a new eSignal version coming that might solve some of these issues?

    Just to be clear: I trade mostly stocks -- no options or futures.

    Thanks for your input.

    Here's a poll as well: which one do you use? QCharts or eSignal?
  2. ccasadei


    What's your opinion on the above features?

    Very important? Not important... or maybe what are the main reasons you use one or the other ?
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    The most important issue in charting for a day trader is realiability and accuracy of data, and in this area eSignal wins hands down.
    I was a Qcharts user before I switched over to eSignal, and I am quite happy with my choice.
    BTW, the advanced charts in eSignal's latest version (7.6 Build 635) would be on par with Qcharts as far as "looks" is concerned.
    There is also a way to fit more bars on a chart with eSignal.
    Do the free trial with both and see what works best for you.
    Good luck.
  4. QCharts is a great analytic tool with its great Hotlists. Biggest weakness is the refusal/inability to fix the feed.

    Esignal is a very reliable feed. Biggest weaknesses are:

    1)Nickel and diming attitude for every little add on.

    2) No Hotlist features.
  5. ccasadei


    Just downloaded build 635 but it's still the same....

    I've attached windows of both QCharts and eSignal ... they have exactly the same size... you can see that on the daily chart, QCharts fits 30 days more than eSignal, on the 60 mins, 3 days more and on the 3 minutes almost one more more....
    that's a big difference... I currently have two monitors but screen space is very important...

    again, I'm not trying to create negative publicity for eSignal, in fact is a great product.
  6. Ditch


    I use e-signal with ensign, very stable and user-friendly combo, only ttade futures though.
  7. Pretty accurate assessment. The one real issue with QCharts is they do lag sometimes, but if your broker has a reliable feed, eg IB, then you can alwys compare prices before you put in an order. QCharts also has a status light and delay indicator, so you are alerted and can switch servers.
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    Maybe this might help. Under View, click on the Advanced Chart Toolbar. This will appear on the top of your screen. You will see a symbol on the Toolbar representing 2 arrows pointing at each other like this ><. Click on this symbol and the bars on the chart will move closer to each other.
    Hope this helps.
  9. If you see QCharts lag (the color of the time near the bottom right corner is not green, then all you need to do is hit CTRL-ALT N and all QCharts servers you can connect to will show up in a list, just select one that is close to you geographically and you will not see the lag anymore. The two main server farms are in Miami, Florida and Santa Clara, California.
  10. i like FSGtrader. charting no where near as good as Qcharts or eSignal, but execution & realiability are great. since i trade mainly off of patterns and support/resistances; thats all i'm looking for.

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