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    Could anyone tell me where to find comparative data (or benchmark) on the main trading platforms?
    I'd like it to compare speed and main features of Tradestaion, ProRealTime, QuantStudio...
    (even compare them with scientific software like Matlab)
    What is the fastest one?
    What is the most stable?
    .... memory used, language, pros and cons...

    I've tried in google but all I get are long discussions at forum and each one says different things.

  2. the fatest platform is X trader, from TT, but it's not the cheapest. worth every $. Velovity offers a good compromise, $ 5.85 RT. alon
  3. Your question is a little confusing.

    You specifically stated you want to compare trading platforms but you list data platforms and a backtesting platform.

    Simply, there's a difference out there even though some of the high end (high cost) stuff does a little of everything via third party applications.

    * Realtime charting Vendors

    * Trade Execution Platform Vendors

    * Backtesting Software Vendors

    * Multifunctional Software Vendors

    Thus, if you can describe specifically what type of software you need...

    It should reduce your research and/or prevent you from subscribing to something you don't even need even though almost all the stuff out there have free trials for you to make your own decisions.

    Once again, I'll emphasize that you should test these programs yourself to draw your own conclusions especially since many have free trials.

  4. skan


    I need to make and test automated trading systems, so I need a software fast (computing) with a powerful programming language and able to chart real-time stock markets data.

    I'm currently using TradeStation but maybe there are better platforms.
    I like EasyLanguage because is easier to program a system with it than with VisualBasic but there may be other more versatile.

  5. Why trust someone else opinion as for performance? Just install the products and compare them on your PC in action.
  6. Check Metastock, Tradecision, and this thread:
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    Yes, but there are too many, I'd like it to compare several of them, but just 2 o 3.

    And I appreciate other's opinion.