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  1. This is my question and is not to talk bad to the USA. First I want to say many people talk bad about Michael Moore films of health care in Cuba. They say he have only access to in Cuba to the (better) hospitals in the Cuba, and he is not showing the bad. So I want to (compare image) of what Cuba want to make the people see, and what the USA want to make for their image to people see. For example I want to say in the city of Camden NJ you will see so much poverty all around this city. The buildings where most people live have broken windows, no air conditioning, crime, crowded with many people. This is real. But when go to one part of this city, like the Coriell Institute for medical research y Cooper trauma center, you can see cobblestone street, pretty flowers growing, valet parking, beautiful lobby with the huge bamboo plants and huge windows for sunlight. So these institutions of the USA do really great research, good health care, good surgeons. But they have poverty all around in this city. You can walk 2 blocks away from the research Coriell institute and see big change in the (image) Is this different than Cuba? Not really.