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    Most software packages I have tried allow you to trade based on logic designed for one symbol. Are there software packages that allow you to consider market events from other symbols?

    Say for example, I want to trade IBM, but I want to take into consideration the moving average of DJIA. Or I want to compare the difference in percent between the gain / loss seen on the DJIA and the gain / loss seen on IBM? This seems like a simple thing, but I have not found a software package that can do this.

    I am a programmer, so technical programs don't scare me. What scares me is spending a bunch of time learning some software that later on I find can't do the job. So I took it upon myself to build my logic in perl and connect it to quotetracker, but I would like to move to a more robust platform.

    Linux or Mac programs prefered.

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    hi btoovey

    I have used MultiCharts quite a lot earlier, and it offers you the functionality you are seeking.
  3. Takes all of about a minute or two in excel (assuming you are not referring to real time only).
  4. You can do this in Easylanguage for as long as I can remember.
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    I could never find documentation on using multiple symbols in easylanguage
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  7. Confirmed. I have done it. Didn't make any money by doing it, but NT definitely can.

    C# is a great toy language for getting stuff done. If you're not familiar with it, as long as you know how to code in any C++ type language, you will pick it up quick.

    NTScript is just C# with a bunch of functions and global variables. Very easy.
  8. Go to the TS main menu. Look on the left side at quick tips and open it. View creating Multi-data Charts; this is the basics.

  9. Forgot to add….
    Then once you understand the basics. Next you put multiple charts in a workspace each with your symbols data. Then go to your EL Ref Guide and Learn how to use data1 and data2 to reference each set of data. This is how you reference multiples symbols.

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