Compare this guy with the nitwits posting here

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. No comment?

    lol, shame.
  2. I would like to comment intelligently, 777, but I have you on ignore. I can see your thread, but I have no fucking idea what it is about. Probably no more than you do.
  3. I would comment on your comment hypostomus but I have you on my "Don't Feed The Troll" list.

    Starvation is a terrible way to go.

    I was here first and will be here long after you are a distant , forgotten , uh, what is you were?
  4. LOL.

    Stock777 is a giant douche.
  5. ehsmama


    Shame, that he might still not be making any Money. Such Analysis LOOKS GOOD on paper but hampers your money making abilities.
    Better AVOID such fruitless pursuits if you want to be RICH.
  6. 777, Hypo has you on ignore, but I don't. He is such a critical asshole! I stole his password to unignore you, but it doesn't seem to be an option on ET. Once ignored, always ignored. A pity.

    Is there something of passionate interest to you that you would care to debate on another thread? We LOVE to debate. But nobody on ET will play any more because they haven't got the wit or the vocabulary.

    Unfortunately, all we know is scalping NQ. Do we have any intersection in daytrading, futures, indices, pornography, daytime TV?
  7. My feeble attempt to bring intelligent discourse to ET has been an abysmal failure.

    I fear we are doomed to endless postings about

    1) IB sucks

    2) Is my money market safe

    3) Whats better for a beginner ES , NQ , ER2, or competition Checkers.

    4) Is Longhorns a perverted cross dresser or is it just a lifestyle choice.