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    I am asking all option traders on this forum to compare Option Fundamentals alerts to any service you may be using presently. We are very confident in our picks and would like to see how you think we match up to your existing service or system.

    We only send out single leg puts and calls, average 8 to 12 picks a week, you can sign up for a 10 Day Free Trial, No Credit Card or Obligation Required, anytime.

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    We appreciate your consideration,
  2. A blotter of, say, the past year or five would probably work better than just a bare claim of your level of confidence in your picks. Assuming your confidence is actually based on returns, that is.
  3. 2rosy


    looks like these are all opening trade recommendations. do you ever recommend when to close out?
    I can send out some recommendations if others are willing to pay
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    We have our performance history of every trade posted on our site, YTD 84% WIN ratio, if I posted a blotter here in the forum you may not check out our site.
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    Yes we send out opening recommendations and we post closed positions immediately on our homepage. We do not send out exit alerts, we state Option Fundamentals tries to achieve a 20% to 50% target profit, but we leave the exiting up to each individual trader as each trader has a different tolerance level. Our members are usually sophisticated enough to put a sell order in at their own risk tolerance.
  6. Not posting one leaves you in the same category as every other "pick service" - and there's a million of you out there, with the default case being fakers who'll show some pretty graphs and steal your money (if you were actually any good, you wouldn't need to bother with websites, customer service, advertising, etc. - you'd just trade and make all that money without the extra bother.) So your problem is not getting people to "check out your site" - it's convincing them that you're not just another faker. Which you've conspicuously failed to do. In fact, confessing that you're just trying to drive the cattle to your pasture puts you more squarely into that category.

    So why would anyone bother?

    BTW: I could sell 0.01-delta puts/calls for a year and have a 100% win rate. Wouldn't mean a single thing. This is why risk vs. returns - i.e., an audited blotter - matters, and win rates without context, even if they're true, don't.
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    Well BlueWaterSailor we have a few thousand monthly subscribers that would strongly disagree with everything you have stated, but you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Obviously our service is not for you, but others here may not be of the same opinion as yours and wish to check it out.
  8. newwurldmn


    you got a few thousand people to trade your signals after you trade them for your own account?

    damn. PT Barnum was right.
  9. mukoh


    So you send out alerts to subscribers, but prior to that you act on them yourself, and send them to automated algo services that also act on your alerts, so after all that your subscribers get to be the last in line all "few thousand" of them on lets say a call that has lets say open interest of 100 contracts? Does that sound about correct?

  10. I guess once you're in the business of unsubstantiated claims, it's hard to resist a few more. You know the opinions of "a few thousand" people without even asking them? Wow, quite the mind-reading act.

    What I said - if you actually read it - is 100% uncontroversial; there's nothing in there for a reasonable person to disagree (much less "strongly disagree") with. The greatest majority of pick services are fakers; anyone who is actually good at stock picking doesn't need subscribers or advertising; and win rate, without context, doesn't mean anything. If your "few thousand" monthly subscribers don't understand that all of these are simply statements of fact, then @newwurldmn hit the nail on the head: they're suckers, pure and simple.

    People who are honest and forthright in their business don't try to cover up with smooth-sounding lies like "you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that" or "the people you can't see or ask all agree with me"; they back their claims. The way you're going - empty boasts and continued attempts to recruit more suckers while still showing zero data - says pretty much everything about your business that needs to be known.

    Here's hoping that no one here gets rooked. I'm done with this thread.
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