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  1. I am new to Commodities trading and have signed up for a demo account with ThinkorSwim. Where/how can I get/make a chart to show me an overlay of last years information as compared to this years information? Of course I am looking for the yearly trends.
  2. Barry, = free historical data on commodities
    Microsoft Excel = a simple way to make charts of large data sets

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  3. Hey dude,

    TOS is the shit, good choice...

    As far as comparisons heres what you do...

    1. Go to the chart and at the top left click "Add studies"
    2. Go to the bottom of the drop down box and go to "compare to"
    3. A pre-populated box will show up with normally used symbols like the major indices but there will be a place to enter "custom symbol"
    4. Enter in whatever symbol you want and there will be a purple line that overlaps
    5. Then go to chart settings and at the top click "percentage view" so that you will be able to compare them

    It defaults to a line chart but if you go to edit studies you can change it to candles. PM me if you can't get it or have anymore questions. Also TOS has really good tech support and they can help you out as well. Good luck brotha