Compare GWB's approval to congress

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    July 20, 2008

    "I note that the Rasmussen polling organization, which both sides seem to respect, shows that President Bush has an approval rating on the order of 32 percent, while Congress has an approval rating of 9 percent. Interestingly, less than 30 percent of the president's rating.

    The president's low score makes front-page news. No one prints a story on Congress' rating. Why?

    Since the Democrats' taking control of Congress, housing starts have stopped and existing sales slumped, the national debt, which only Congress can control, has blossomed, the dollar has declined sharply on international markets, unemployment has risen by close to 50 percent from its previous level, which was in the "statistical grass" and the lowest in recent history and fuel prices have skyrocketed.

    This is not a question about the honesty of the media, but about the validity of the media as "journalists."


    Nancy P promised that if the democrats were elected to a majority of congress in 06, they would bring down gas prices. Although the msm only seems to care about GWB making speeches on a carrier, maybe the public understands what's really going on.
  2. Why compare?

    Don't right wing kooks tell us that Bush isn't running anymore?
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    People that grew up in the Soviet Union knew that their press lied. They spent a lot of time trying to second guess the news reports to figure out what the government was trying to accomplish... with the Left in the USA it's the same game but it's obvious what they are trying to do, get people on the left elected and absolutely deny the conservatives any credit for anything and make them look bad, it's pretty obvious..

    When I want journalism in a newspaper I'll get a USA Today. I hate to give the LA Times any money so if I want to read a lot of formulaic hard luck stories and leftist bullshit I'll go to the local coffee shop where they have a pile of rubbish of local papers that anybody can dig through.... Rush Limbaugh is hardly journalism but he pokes holes in the leftist media garbage all the time.

    Take the Katrina story for an example... the Democrats that ran the state and the city were completely unprepared for a disaster that was perfectly predictable.. it was going to happen eventually. They had diverted the funding to upgrade the levees and when the disaster hit, they didn't take any of the correct steps...... They were completely irrational. So who gets all the blame? Bush and FEMA!!!! If it was the Soviet Union they would have blamed "Capitalists". FEMA is not the first responder for events like that. When San Diego had it's fire disasters FEMA did an outstanding job.. did the republicans that run San Diego or FEMA get credit for doing a great job? Hell no, not much in the press about that at all......

  4. Why? Because left wing kooks, including those that entertain us with news at the networks, large newspapers, and leading nutroots blogs, never tire of telling us of the latest Bush approval ratings, while conveniently leaving out congressional approval ratings.

    Does that help you to understand?
  5. Then you're living your life by their terms.

  6. Bush has the worst approval ratings of any president in the history of the United States, and for good reason.

    I like to think of myself as intelligent, and even eloquent, at times. Sometimes, eloquence isn't required or even desired:

    Bush is an idiot, pure and simple. I'm not talking 'garden variety' idiot; no, I am talking idiot of epic proportions - the kind of idiot that will lend new emphasis to the pejorative 'idiot.'

    Any comparison between his ratings and those of congress is a red herring, designed to distract attention away from the horrific situation the most powerful politician on the face of the earth has put this nation in.
  7. But...I thought the response to Katrina was slow because Bush hates black people. Just ask Kanye!
  8. I agree that Bush is an idiot, but you are basically saying approval ratings for Bush are important, but don't count for Congress.

    That is ridiculous. They are the worst ever for Bush? I can accept that. They are probably the worst ever for Congress also.

    Both suck!
  9. Funny...

    I watched (as did you) Bill Clinton beat a Republican congress into shape. He even hoisted the heads of likes Newt and Largent and Paxson and Delay and Armey on their on petards...and laughed.

    Chief Executives actually mean something.

  10. Never said they didn't. But Congress has to be held accountable as well. The current group has done nothing but bipartisan bickering.
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