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    Is there a place where I can go and compare futures brokers.

    RT commissions and platforms used ect....

  2. The best place is to just search this site. I would be willing to bet that each and every broker has been talked about within the last few months.

    The two that people are high on for the e-mini is Interactive Brokers and FFastTrade US LLC (ffastfill)
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    Thanks for the links ....
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    I don't know why but futures brokers, unlike stock brokers are not upfront about their commissions, extra fees, minimums, inactivity fees ect....

    In my attempt to locate a backup broker I have realized they like to bait and switch . Shady bunch to sat the least...

    Quite frankly I'm getting tired of emialing and calling these guys for info that should be disclosed on their websites to begin with.

    Anyone have a good broker one could use for backup to IB. No inactivity or software fees. Ive been thinking about xpresstrade.
    Web based broker, no fancy software ....

    Comments ...

  6. Terra Nova.
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    I didn't know they traded futures....
  8. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Advanced Futures, as an Independent Introducing Broker charges $4.90 Round Turn for the E-minis.
    We do charge extra for our platforms, the fee we charge is the fee our platform companys charge our Clearing Firms.
    The platforms we represent are: Patsystem(J-Trader)
    Trading Technologies(X_Trader)
    By having both of these systems in place, Advanced Futures is able to cater to the trader who is just starting to trade the Futures Markets to the Professional Trader.
    This enables Advanced Futures to charge someone just getting into Futures a maximum of $5.90($4.90+$1.00(J-Trader))
  9. Don't you charge a monthly fee for your platforms? I've been to your website, but like NKNY said I couldn't really figure out how much Advanced Futures will charge per roundturn for each platform.

    Do you mind telling us in plain English?

    Many thanks.
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