Companies that would benefit from casino expansion

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    Many states with substantial defecits are looking at opening new casinos or expanding existing ones by introducing table games like craps or roulette etc.

    Which are the companies (stocks) that one will benefit by and such casino expansions casino products?


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    However...many states are also raising taxes on gaming revenues, which will hold down growth. So it is a two edged sword.
  4. That's why IGT was a good suggestion. They make the software used by the casinos, they don't run the casinos themselves.

    They sure don't make money selling books.
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    I am delighted and overwhelmed!

    This is my first post and I am so happy about so many good responses.

    According to Time Magazine, 37 States are planning on utilizing casino revenues to reduce the deficit.

    Wisconsin governor, for example, has already negotiated with Native American Tribes to expand considerably the 15 or so locations with casinos and add new ones (Their contract has no expiry date , it is forever) .
    Wisconsin is getting 200 million dollars in the next two years.

  7. This post is not directed at you, but just my thoughts in general on the topic:

    There's something really wrong with this picture though. States have to boost their budgets by sucking money out of people who are already paying taxes, and in some cases desperate enough to get money due to having to pay taxes and also weak job markets that they will take the little they have left to a casino (or lottery tickets), and end up losing even that.

    And why is it always the Native American tribes? Is it because gambling is supposed to be illegal in America, but there's a legal exemption for the "Indians" who supposedly have sovereignty over their Reservations that we were so generous to corral them into after massacring them and taking this entire continent from them?

    Something really wrong in this society. Hypocrisy, to start with.

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    a_ooiioo_a hii :

    I agree with your sentiments completely.