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  1. What are reliable companies out there that would basically be a host where you can remote in and use their beefed up computers for stability and speed like Xeon cores, etc...
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    The sponsor of this automated trading forum is Rithmic and they recommend for servers needed for trading purposes.
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  3. Every cloud providers do?
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    Trading Technologies hosts all of the co-located servers for our customers.
  6. I am at the point where I need to look at remote hosting (the few seconds+ TS takes to load up a new chart is creating issues). I have a deep-seated distrust of putting my strategies anywhere outside my physical control. There are multiple ways a strategy could end up in other hands, even if it is only one of thousands pilfered in a hack or some other illicit behavior).

    What are the views of posters familiar with the topic?
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    I agree. So you want me to nicely wrap my strategy in your API/SDK and place it on your servers? Also I want full(as much as possible) comtrol of data and executions so I don't have to believe what support people tell me.