Companies that buy foreclosures?

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  1. Starting this spring and lasting for a couple of years, resetting of option-ARM real-estate loans will occur which will likely impact real estate similar to the sub-prime crisis that has occurred in the last 2 years. Companies that specialize in purchasing single family homes in foreclosure or that are owned by banks (REOs) stand to profit by rehabbing and renting or selling these homes. Does anyone know of any publicly traded companies that buy foreclosure and REOs, then rent or sell them?
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    There is a company that has already seen this and made large bets to profit from it. Invest in them. Its a sure thing. Ride the wave. They are never wrong because they can recycle their losses thru the FeD washer.

    the company - Goldman Sachs

    ticker symbol - GS

    latest price 169.50

    good luck
  3. How, specifically, has GS made large bets to profit from option-ARM loans that are due to reset next year? How will they benefit financially from single family home foreclosures and REOs?
  4. don't know of any specific company, but it sure seems like a good thing to get into.
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    Perhaps text is not the best medium for tongue-in-check sarcasm. I do however believe that GS is well positioned to take advantage of easily foreseeable financial turmoil.

    good luck :)
  7. Why not get in on the action yourself! That's right you can profit 10, 20, 50 even 100K or more by finding foreclosures and REO's and turn them around for a quick profit WITHOUT even using ANY of your own money or credit!.

    Just send me $999 and I will show you how!

    Dude, just play the lottery and save yourself the stress.
  8. This has been happening for the past 6 years. No news here.