comodo/avast, microsoft essentials? (windows 7)

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by gaj, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. gaj


    hey - i was using comodo firewall / avast antivirus on my windows xp systems. because of the end of product line for xp, i've been using windows 7 the past few months.

    everything is connected via router.

    i installed comodo + avast on my main machine and laptop, but decided to see how things were with 'nothing' (ie. the microsoft defaults - i think it's essentials / defender?) it seems to be ok, but i can't tell whether it's the router or MSFT.

    so for those out there far smarter than i - can the microsoft default products in windows 7 provide a secure and clean environment, instead of the comodo/avast combination?

    thanks for any help...
  2. d08


    Windows Defender is good enough for a firewall, no need for third party programs. However, Security Essentials fails to catch many of the viruses/trojans according to security testers. I'd go with Avast for the anti-virus but there are other good ones out there.
  3. I don't understand how people have virus issues as it is - but that's another story. Keep your computer clean, don't do anything dumb and you'll be fine.

    If you get viruses you are probably doing something online you shouldn't be - and then at that rate it doesn't matter what you use.

    If you are clean and don't torrent or pirate and only download from known and trusted sources then on W7 Defender and MSE will work fine. That's all I run.
  4. NoBias



    For Trading I run a sterile machine. Broker + Order entry/Front end - light entry chart "MC"
    "MSE & Malawarebytes to scan"

    Charting system and General Purpose / Surfing
    "MSE realtime+Scan & Malawarebytes to scan"

    Common Sense Internet behavior, haven't had a virus in years.
  5. gaj


    thanks guys. my main machine, i'm less worried about than my laptop, so i guess i'll give MSE + defender a whirl and see how it works.

    already have malwarebytes on all...

    oh, winston - you asked how someone could get a virus? this happened to me a few years ago: go to an infected webpage (either reuters/bloomberg or an equivalent), stop the "windows antivirus" virus which has already started downloading.. though it didn't install, i just went back to a previous restore.
  6. d08


    I've been infected before, via a simple Google search result - browser based infections are incredibly common. It's not the same as downloading and executing a shady file, which could be considered dumb.