Communist Party USA congratulates comrade Obama on the dawn of a new era.

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  1. Communist Party USA celebrates Obama's re-election

    NOVEMBER 9, 2012

    The Communist Party USA is celebrating Barack Obama's re-election victory, according to two reports published since Tuesday. Sam Webb, leader of the Communist Party USA, "hailed the election of Party 'friend' Barack Obama, as the 'dawn of a new era.'”"The Communist Party said a year ago that the 2012 elections would be the main front of the class and democratic struggle, and subsequent events have confirmed that fact," Webb wrote at the Communist People's World Tuesday.

    Jim Hoft posted a screenshot of another article at the People's World celebrating Obama's victory. That article, published the day after Tuesday's election, declares "We won!"Stewart Acuff went on to say that Communists must "act with boldness" to advance their cause and "push history forward."

    "President Obama has succeeded in transforming America," Jeffrey T. Kuhner wrote. "The constitutional republic is dead. A socialist empire has been born. This is the true meaning — and historical significance — of Tuesday’s election."

    If you still think Obama is not a commie..Ask his comrades.
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    Agree. Congratulations, President Obama!
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    Those commies stick together. Obama's mother and grandparents were all commies along with his childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

    The parasite class doesn't care. In fact, they like the commie redistribution model as long as they are on the receiving end.
  4. We Latinos will make sure that the GOP is not reelected for another 30 years.