Communist flags fly sky high as France votes for decline. Obama gains new ally?

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  1. We know how much European socialist ideology has influenced Obama and the Democrat party as they turned away from the principles of the founding fathers to imitate the Great Socialist European Experience. What does this portend for Obamaism? Has it given it renewed impetus? Will they take their inspiration and leadership from this man, Hollande?

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    France's electorate has voted for years of decline under a Socialist leader
    PUBLISHED: 21:19, 6 May 2012 | UPDATED: 21:24, 6 May 2012

    Flags of the French Communist Party were visible in numbers at Place de la Bastille on Sunday night, the symbolically-charged location of Socialist François Hollande’s victory rally.

    François Hollande is a man who means what he says and his rise to the French presidency comes at a moment when there are exceptionally few restraints on how far the French Socialist Party may now push its agenda.

    The party already controls many of the branches of French government. There are few institutional checks not already in the hands of his allies.

    In the hands of a resolute politician, the powers of the French presidency are almost breathtaking in their latitude. Most fundamentally, he has earned a mandate to do much of what France’s unreconstructed left he longed to do for years.

    The restoration of European leadership in the world, or even the recovery of a degree of European strength compatible with the self-respect of an ancient continent, turns on the capacity of European publics to choose to see beyond their unaffordable entitlements to the interests of the European generations yet to come.

    France’s election of François Hollande is a vote for decline.

    His victory confirms a pattern of elective decline visible across Europe, a decline which may well not now be arrested until it is too late by some distance to reverse.
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    The French have a penchant for national suicide. The carnage in the world economy and markets to follow should hasten the end of the Obama regime.

    I don't pity or otherwise care what the French do but am glad for the assistance getting rid of Barrack Obama.

    The tape should be interesting Monday morning. :D
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    It's France. Who cares?
  4. Monday mornings tape will be negative.
  5. Good thing I'm not long.... er wait a sec :wtf:h crap I'm long out the yin yang.
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    I do, I'm half French.
  8. Tell pspr you gave us Lady Liberty.:).
  9. No one should be surprised. We are seeing the same thing here. Look at Massachusetts. A populist demagogue Harvard Law professor is running on a platform that the socialist dream is just around the corner. A lot of union members and unemployed former factory workers want to believe her. They have rallies at abandoned textile mills to celebrate the great union victories of the past. i guess they don't appreciate the irony. Those factories are abandoned because of those union victories.

    Voters are not willingly going to give up their privileges, particularly if they are told the reason is to pay off international bankers. Who can blame them? They don't seem to grasp that their government benefits are no longer affordable. They are told by the Obamas and Warrens that the only problem is that the rich aren't paying their fair share. It seems to be a winning argument in France. It probably will be here too, until we really can't pay for them. The left is eagerly looking forward to that day, believing the ensuing chaos will give them a chance to seize and consolidate total power.
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