Communism reigns in America

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  1. They insist they will not bailout speculators, but they want lenders to offer "flexibility" ie refinance at lower rates and a little help from the government. Today is a sad sad day for the U.S. of A. Free markets is thing of the past. At the end of the day, someone's gonna have to pay for this.
  2. Relax. This is not a bailout. It's only a refinance plan for a small number of homeowners with reset adjustables who have the income stream to stay in their home if they refinanced. It's just a tweak of FHA rules. There will be no government bailout of foreclosures where the homeowner is in too deep.

    And where did you get the idea we had a free market in the U.S.? It's a mixed capitalist-socialist economy with regulated market and has been since 1931.
  3. Yeah, exactly. At some point, the balances tilt over to the other end. Read the subject again. Vote Ron Paul.

    no i won't relax. maybe people are getting sick of this shit.

  4. anyone believe now?

  5. With you on that!!

    Ultimately, you can make bank on the notion that the Fed will print money to obfuscate the facts and postpone the day of reckoning. We ALL will pay for the sins of a few in the form of high inflation, currency debasement, and degradation of quality of life.... regardless of what the Talking Heads spew. DEBT ALWAYS GETS ACCOUNTED FOR BY SOMEBODY!!!
  6. What a misleading thread title...communism? How is regulation not part of Capitalism? I think you have the entire concept confused with private and/or state-ownership of enterprises.

    Anyway, I'm actually a free market advocate and supporter of the Austrian school of Economics (Ron Paul!). I think the FED shouldn't even exist. That being said, don't confuse the ideologies of communism and capitalism. The vast majority of business and especially property is privately owned. Just because there exists a lot of regulation does not make it communist. Perhaps "socialist" better suits this category, but it does not refute the existence of capitalism in America obviously. Futhermore, America is corporation dominated so it is actually more fascist. Most of the regulation exists to actually make it harder for new businesses to compete (regulation makes entry more difficult/costly) and thereby protect huge corporations from competition.

    Still, businesses are private and not state-owned! America is therefore not communist! Just because the gov't aids them doesn't mean it owns companies. The elites, some of who are politicians, are shareholders of these companies and want to protect their own financial interests.
  7. Nanook


    ...and pay for these:

    > Commerce, Justice, Science: CAGW has documented 1,123 projects at a cost of $409.8 million.

    > Energy & Water: CAGW found 655 projects at a cost of $821 million.

    > Financial Services: There are 197 projects costing $57 million, which represents a 45 percent increase in projects and an 84 percent increase in dollar amounts from CAGW's calculation for the fiscal year 2008 House bill.

    > Interior: For fiscal year 2009, CAGW has enumerated 247 projects at a cost of $134.9 million. In fiscal year 2008, CAGW found 226 projects worth $111 million in the House bill. The 2009 totals represent a 9.3 percent increase in projects and a 21.5 percent increase in dollar amount from 2008.

    > Labor/HHS: For fiscal year 2009, CAGW calculated that there are 1,370 earmarks at a cost of $618.8 million. In fiscal year 2008, CAGW found 1,305 projects costing $277.9 million in the House bill. The number of projects increased by 5 percent, but the dollar amount jumped by a whopping 122 percent.

    > Military Construction: CAGW found 102 earmarks costing $621.3 million.
  8. America is subconsciously Communist anyway.

    But we just don't know it.

    And by telling ourselves how free we are all the time proves that.