Communications blackout as fascits crack down in Muslim-minority Kashmir

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    Kashmir is a Muslim minority territory with self autonomy for 70 yrs by powers granted in the Indian Constitution (think Reservation).
    Indian right winger wins re-election and wants to annex Kashmir as a dick swinging move against Pakistan (Muslim majority).
    Indian supreme court tells him "don't be silly" you can't do that.
    Fascist right winger says "screw you, doing it anyway"
    People are getting shot at/cell & internet cut off in the whole region
    Pakistan pissed off as they recognize some of the territory as their own
    Nukes galore.

    Looks like operation ethnic cleansing going out in India

    Inside Kashmir, Cut Off From the World: ‘A Living Hell’ of Anger and Fear

    India’s swift and unilateral decision Monday to wipe out Kashmir’s autonomy significantly raised tensions with its archrival, Pakistan, which also claims parts of Kashmir. The territory lying between the two nuclear armed nations was already one of Asia’s most dangerous and militarized flash points, smoldering for decades