Common sense solutions

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  1. Common sense solutions.
    Means test social security and Medicare. If we aren’t going to means test social security tax then raise the income limits that this is taxed on.
    Work programs for men and women on welfare and unemployment ,.
    Eliminate tax loop holes, all religious deductions, and tax exempt charities and corporate.
    Phase out the real estate mortgage deductions.
    Raise the retirement age for Social Security.
    Allow some form of line item veto for the president.
    Work training programs for those in prison, idea – areas of manufacturing where the USA is not competitive and allow the prisoners to make a real wage and keep the money doing this job, those who are successful in this program could stay working there at real wages after they serve their time. Benefits are training workers, prisoners earning income to take care of their families and training for a job after release. As it is now if an ex-con felon doesn’t have family to help them they basically have a life sentence of poverty ahead of them.
    I’m for basic health care for all Americans but not complete health care. Figure it out, Republicans swallow your pride and work with the Democrats on this, something we all can agree on. It is doable.
    Same health thought, tax breaks for healthy food and food producers, higher taxes for unhealthy foods with the higher taxes going directly to fund health care. Those who eat more quarter pounders will pay a higher percentage of health care bill than those who eat veggies that are taxed at a much lower rate. Not perfect but what the hell.
    Death tax is the fairest tax of all, keep it, the dead don’t need money and I promise the dead doesn’t care how many times that dollar has been taxed.
    Tax breaks, credits on companies that create real jobs for Americans.
    Phase out the agriculture subsidies.
    Cut out funding for the arts.
    No tax breaks for companies that move American jobs overseas.
    The progressive tax code works, but only up to a point, the idea to tax everyone is a good idea also. Lower the income level so most everyone pays some tax, if only so that everyone realizes how all this gets paid for.

    Establish easy to understand and implement rules easy to file for work permits for Mexican workers. Make it easy for the workers we want here to be here. It shouldn’t take over $1000 and months to get legal for a Mexican to get a job picking strawberries for $8 an hour. Liberals compromise, realize there is a real concern and problem and give in some, set some rules to legalize the workers and keep track of them and tax them. Conservatives compromise, realize we need many of the workers, most are hard working and you would do the exact same thing if you were in their shoes. Don’t be vindictive and want to extract a pound of flesh. Find a fair and humane way to legalize the workers and control immigration, tax them and keep track them. This alone will do wonders on the flood across the boarder. No matter what the rhetoric we are not going to send up to 20 million Mexicans back to Mexico. If this took 10 years that would be on average of 2 million people a year. There would be refugee camps all along the border, with hunger and disease and crime and the weak being victims and many would also be American citizens of illegal’s in those refugee camps. There would be abandoned children here in America whose parents were deported. This isn’t going to happen on a large scale so it is pointless to talk about. Build a fence if needed, but do some actual study before spending the money to make sure we need a fence and it is cost effective.