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  1. He's just covering his ass, because when gas is $8/g and the usa is in a huge recession he knows that he's going to be the first one that congress is going to hunt down and give a public execution. He's pretty much the poster boy for the otherwise faceless, nefarious "oil speculators".
  2. The main question at this point is what can be put into place in the least amount of time....

    What can act as a solution in less than a 10 year time frame ?


    If batteries could happen first, this would remove the idea of having to have fuel depots for volatile fuels, as well as their required transportation, and lack of interruptions.

    Energy should be available at everybody's house.
    It would be best if you did not have to borrow sugar from
    Exxon's house.

    Make do with your tap water and electrical outlets at home.

    Personal transportation needs to be supplied from the home.


    Reliability, cost, convenience, the country's economy is at lower risk....list goes on....

    To have to depend on fuel depots is a lot like heroin. One has to continue to visit the dealer. Make sure the Exxon dealer does not live in your neighborhood.....any longer.....

    Wind, solar powered batteries......getting closer to ideal....
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    nefarious: extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous

    Why are oil speculators BAD, but real estate or stock speculators (aka, investors or traders) GOOD?

    Why should he be crucified for recognizing and acting early on a trend?? Isn't that what good traders made of???
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    Because the US government says so.
  5. I should've labeled it with "quotes", that's just what the media calls them.
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    Great plan - at least someone is trying to do something constructive.

    The only problem is he said it will take 10 years to save 300 billion, but earlier he said in 10 years we will be at 10 trillion consumption!


    So what's the point?

    Seems to me we need a better answer
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    I think boone is wrong to consider that a 'cost' that needs to be eradicated. if you dont spend money on canandian or mexican oil but on pampa's wind or US natural gas you will have a cost to your pocket anyway, the only difference is the country of the recipient selling the service, if wind power or natural gas have growing demand because they are economical then there is no need for a plan because people will go into that direction anyway. he might be just trying to fish for more subsidies(another cost in the form of taxes) which shows that the best, most efficient and cheaper energy is still crude
  8. He made billions in oil. More power to him.

    But now he wants to make billions in 'green' and alternative coal technology, as he knows oil is going to crash hard.

    He's a greedy pig. I have no problem with that, but I'm not falling for his peak oil bullshit.

    He should shove one of those windmills up his ass.
  9. The man is 80 and he's worth 3 billion dollars. Kind of hard believing that he's doing this because he's greedy.
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