common psych:lover losers,hate winners

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by trader198, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. hug losers
    hate winners

    I am a trend rider. I exited pre-maturely lots of time when a little pullback happened. I knew it is a just helthy pullback, but I convinced myself by exiting it: this may be a real reversal, better take some, in case the market regains theirs, i end nothing even gave them some.

    bad psych!

    then after I exited, I watch it climnb and climb... or drop drop...
    feel impulsive, without any thoughts, th frustration drives me into trading on a whim: often grab a loser, for am example, if I exited an long in a strong bull move, I most likely bought a loser in strong drop, underlying think that will fly like the winner I just passed.

    recently i was riding a small stock ATRS, I saw $4.8~5, but I exited at 4.59 (bought at 3.61). cut myself at least 10%

    then i bought QQQ call 63, it is laugh in hindsignt, qqq just sank, thanks godness, almost lost all the buy if no last friday rally, through some minor averaging, lost a little, but that is frustration, the profit gained from atrs is given back to qqq

    so i found people love losers, while hate winners.

    so each time, I remind myself:
    if I want to buy, put all those greens on the screen, let me choose
    not those reds