Common Equity Spreads

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TokyoGhetto, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Anyone care to share some equity spreads that can be traded intraday.

    Mainly looking for some volatility spreads that can be scalped for ticks.

    NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX is fine.

    My time frame is intraday. On some days the spreads that I am trading don't move as much, and I would like to look at other spreads to trade.

    The ones I look at are:

    XLF:UYG (moves like molasses)

    My dream spread to trade would be

    RIMM:AAPL (moves like a chipmunk on crack)

    Anyone care to contribute?
  2. just made a few ticks on jpm:wfc spread on that move down to 108.80 SPY. Funny thing is that both legs of the spread went into profit.

    I know there are some spread traders out there. I'm pretty sure I will get replies when the markets closes.
  3. Made another trade on my jpm:wfc spread. 7 tick profit although i got 3 cents slippage on one leg of the spread.
  4. CVX/XOM moves well
  5. don't they have a saying?

    all spread traders die broke?
  6. Google: 'No results found for "spread traders die broke" '

    And certainly not in futures.
  7. thanks!