Common courtesy on Elitetrader?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by elit, Oct 19, 2006.

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    What's the point with posting "I'm not going to answer the question, you're stupid!" posts really? I've noticed this behaviour on ET.

    Does it make you feel smarter to not help out a newbie or answer, according to you, dumb questions? If you don't have any answer to the questions, you're as "dumb" or uninformed as the one with the question. If you would have an answer, then there are better ways to assert oneself than with offensive comments, you know?

    What's the matter with people? Common courtesy would be nice, on forums too.

    Food for thought...
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  3. It depends a bit on the thread but in the period before any serious and heated arguments start a newbie is likely to be treated well unless they:

    - are an arrogant newbie (come on, they get slapped because they ask for it).
    - are a rude newbie
    - repeatedly ask the same stupid questions over and over
    - pretend not to be a newbie (so they get called out for their pretentious posts).

    I, for example, am courteous to humble newbies seeking help, but thoroughly enjoy the entertainment of slapping around some of the arrogant shxtes out there (whether I do it or someone else does). Some just enjoy watching them dig themselves a hole and then climb down into it. ET is both an opportunity for information interchange and entertainment.

    If someone really bothers you then use the "ignore" function - amazing how much fun it is trying to figure out what they said by watching other peoples responses to them.

    By comparison the UK based competition is much politer, supposedly has the same number of members but has a small fraction of the posts because its boring as hell. And old dbp still holds court for sycophants over there and still criticizes ET ... while posting here in another nick and linking to his posts in TradeUK. Boring or interesting ... not a difficult choice.

    Cheers :)
  4. Food for thought?
    Must be a lot of people starvin:D

    Seriously, the written word, used conversationally (or close enough to it)
    has a lot of drawbacks.

    Still, it could be worse.
    Could you imagine, a physical group, asking all these questions, ranting, trolling, or not getting things particularly, with the diversity of opinions/outlooks knowledge here?

    It'd be fisticuffs every couple of minutes, more than likely.
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    kiwi_trader, yes of course you should always expect to be treated like you treat others. If a newbie is rude he should count on that he get's rude replies. And I don't mean just newbies here.
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    I agree, a lot of people are quite rude. But there is not much we can do, I'm afraid. I guess mods should be a bit stricter sometimes.
  8. sorry but if u start a thread like that u get what u deserve. nobody has really been offensive, maybe unpolite but that's a given when u display such naivety.
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    Rudeness?! On the internet?! Perish the thought!

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    The OP wasn't naive and I think he had a perfectly valid, up for debate question. I posted on his side in the thread, just so u know...

    P.S.: The "Scaling out" is an inferior behaviour thread was WAY more stupid/offensive/naive
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