Commodity Trading Advisor = Oxymoron?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by crgarcia, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. After all, the best advice would be: Don't trade, much less trade commodities.

    So, it's no wonder most CTAs end up blowing up other people money, by the boatload.
  2. Don't you have another website to haunt, you certainly don't trade!
  3. I am an intelligent investor so I don't trade: I invest!
  4. an independent commodity TRADER (grains and meats) I make money. Just because you can't make money doesn't mean someone else cant.

    My TRADING performance is many multiples times better than my investing performance....I guess short term just fits my "style" and personality better....for others its investing that fits them better.

    Seriously, get a life and stop bashing trading, investing works for you, great, maybe rather than just screaming "DONT TRADE" you'd like to offer some other investors advice, or at least engage in conversation rather than just writing meaningless drivel for the sake of hearing yourself talk.

    Honestly...your threads got old after the first 20.
  5. the1


    funny but true
  6. TraDaToR

    TraDaToR you borrowed... That's one of the most stupid things I heard on a forum...
  7. Most traders lose money, and ALL of them do lose in the long run if they continue to trade.

    Even if you were in a winning streak, it won't last forever, and you'll end up losing -other people money-.
  8. Virtually all the super wealthy people got rich by finding a productive use to other people money.
  9. You are like a broken record, just because you are unable to trade does not mean you can not earn a healthy living trading.
  10. I am an intellient investor so I dont trade: I invest!

    ..basically hes saying everyone one else on here who trades instead of investing is NOT intellient. I sense some ego and narcicism here. Correct me if Im wrong....
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