Commodity Trading 101 by Andras M. Nagy

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    Commodity Trading 101: How to Exploit the New Bull Market in Raw Materials without Getting Killed
    Book Description
    "Industry experts and pundits would like you to believe commodity futures trading is only for the wealthy and sophisticated. However, a number of savvy traders use the commodity markets to hedge inflation and energy woes as well as prepare for the ever-increasing fiscal volatility we are facing in the New Millennium. The book covers Options and Spreads on Commodity Futures. This little known area of the commodities market is ideal for people who have a steady income and want to earn a second income trading a small amount of capital. The key here is multiple source of income. It is best to keep your day-to-day needs for income separate from your program of wealth building. You have to find a way to keep your spending from increasing just because you are making a bundle trading. Many new traders build up a large trading account in a short time, starting with a hardly any capital in the commodities market. "
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