Commodity selloff due to margin calls

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  1. A clue to the extent of problems is to see big selloffs in commodites. Not what you would expect ,but a normal reaction to lack of liquidity.
    Hedge funds need to meet margins calls
  2. Can't wait to see where wheat will open.
  3. Oil had a big negative delta divergence signal so it looked as if someone was building a LARGE short position before the sell I see it down $3.00.

    I can't believe I am actually short oil..LOL! :eek: Thanks 5P for the heads up on this play last night!
  4. Hit Oil at $110.80 - about $5.00 in the money as I type. I waited for a bit of confirmation after my signal, but I was still able to get in at a good price after the delta divergence.
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    Yup. I learned that lesson after temporarily losing about $15k on commodity longs during the Jan crash. They came back but it was painful at the time.

    Whenever there's a potential market crash & liquidity crunch, always exit the recent speculative favourites. Shorting them or buying puts is also a good play.
  6. GLD was what a painful non-selloff
  7. Gold has some unique dynamics affecting it that oil does not - gold holding strong should not be a surprise at all with our current financial situation.
  8. Major hedge fund commodity selling on its way...They dump the commodities before anything else
  9. Exactly. We saw the same thing in August '07. The question now is what to start buying, or what to add at these levels. Buy/Add on the drops, this Bull has a long way to go.
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    Hedge funds have frozen withdrawals so that will stave off some selling from them.

    Edit: More accurately some Hedgefunds have frozen withdrawals over the last few months.

    Too bad if you had your money in one, at least with index funds you get the same performance, don't have to pay 2/20 and can pull your money out ahead of a market crash rather than being forced to ride it all the way down to where the fabled "orderly" liquidation will take place.
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