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    I used to subscribe to DTN ProphetX with the best quality ag news but I realized I don't need everything on a real time basis, just the most important piece of news.To save a bit, I can simply check all commentaries and cash market datas on different websites.

    The kind of news I am looking for are the global economic news with influence on commodities ( NAFTA, North Korea, Fed...) and the main policy developments for each market( RFS for ags, OPEC Meetings for energy...). I would like to be able to put alerts when certain words pop up.

    As I use IB as my back-up broker, I am considering simply subscribing to Reuters Feed( 65$). Do you think it will be enough? Do you know another feed more suitable with IB? Do you know another standalone feed ?

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    Exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. Thanks Just21!
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    Thanks dude.
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    The problem with DTN is you have to subscribe to prophet X to get their news. There is no other way to get it.

    Has some of you tried Platts products? I guess they mustn't be cheap but they have tailored products depending on what you need.

    Seriously, I just need a commodity news feed with alerts when words pop-up, there must be a way to get this without paying 500+$ per month, right?