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  1. Hi,

    It would be nice if there was a commodity futures forum.

    More generally, perhaps each of the forum categories should have an "Other Related Topic" sub-forum. For example, right now in the futures forums there are only index futures and single stock futures. There's no sub-forum for commodity futures.


    -- ITZ
  2. good idea. there is index futures and single stock futures, just add another sub section called commodity futures. Commodity trading is growing among individuals.
  3. Currency trading should not have its own major category, it should be a sub category under Futures Trading.
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  5. Forex is not futures trading. This market is thousands of times larger than the pit traded contracts, and has its own set of brokers, etc, that people may wish to discuss. Forex should have its own category.

    I'm all for a commodities category as well.

  6. Traders of Cattle, Hogs, Sugar, Cocoa, Coffee, Grains, Interest Rate futures etc. should have discussions under the Futures section.
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    What types of products do most active traders use in the commodities. Other than Stock Index Futures on the CME and the Eurex Dax, and Bund ect...


    Where is all the activity for day trading?, Does anyone know what products?

  9. Commodity Futures
    A forum for those who trade and spread futures contracts based on Commodities.
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