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    Does any body know what it is like to work in a commodity firm? I mean what your day to day activities look like? What kind of skills? What will be your duties? What they are looking for, beside making money of course?
  2. You referring to physical dealing or speculative futures trading? Two very different environments.
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  4. mgz: I've worked in both environments, cash trading and futures trading. The cash side CAN BE more of a sales position if you arent at the top, be aware of that. If you are more of an aggressive, independent type (as I am), the futures side will definitely fit your personality better.

    PM me if you have any questions.
  5. Broker sales - How many calls have you made today?
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    In a physicals business, your accountant will be amazed each quarter that you made a million in the futures account....that is until you instruct him to look at the offset in the cash account.

    If you're starting out, I'd highly recommend starting in physicals; you'll be a more rounded trader should you decide to go futs-only later in life.