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  1. Anyone have any sites for free commodity charts? Thanks.
  2. TradGab


    Anyone has any site to suggest for charged commodity real time data? Thanks again.
  3. ?
  4. Quick question-- what is the symbol for a continuous contract for cotton ?
  5. Type in "CT" for the symbol with a "weekly" time period. That should do it.
  6. Pro Realtime have fantastic free charts.

    They dont cover nybot stuff though, just cbot/cme IIRC- so no sugar, cotton, oj etc.
  7. I find very useful.
  8. I just looked at Barcharts again. That's a very useful site.

    these are great!
    yoy can create your own default menu.
    they have daily, weekly, monthly charts for the same market.
    you can activate MACDs/ etc.

    check it out!
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