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  1. I am in between jobs right now (hedge fund trader) and need to make some dosh. I am thinking about becoming a commodity broker until I can get back into the hedge fund game.

    I am looking for some constructive feedback from others with experience as a cmdty broker, as far as how easy it is to make some serious cash sooner rather than later.
  2. You sounds mostly ignorant, sorry to say
  3. Coming from a seemingly intelligent source... lol
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    what happened to the last hedge fund?
  5. Unable to raise critical assets so it was closed.
  6. And you are not looking elsewhere to be a hedge fund trader because..... ?
  7. I am looking, but haven't had any luck so far. Just thought I could make some cash as a cmdty broker in the meantime.
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    sorry to hijack your thread. but i'm wondering this:

    Is it possible to trade at say an Assent, while working for a commodity broker like "Tiger Financial"?

    Anyone see some red tape? I know you can be brokering stocks while daytrading them unless you're an independent broker.
  9. Aren't there any commodity brokers out there who can provide some constructive comments?
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    There are maybe 25 traders on this site with brokerage accounts in excess of 5 Grand. I doubt you will get an intelligent response, sorry.

    I am not making this up.
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