Commodity Broker Starting Salary

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    I've been searching the web for salary figures for Futures/Commodity Brokers and just about everything I come across is for stock brokers. If anyone here has or currently works for a full-service FCM, what can someone expect starting out? I realize that commission is difficult to estimate but what is a realistic average? Thanks in advance.
  2. Where I started it was 0. All comission. 45 a turn on options and futures. So I made about 50k my first year and got out because I got sick of the 14 hour work days and ripping people off. Probably more of the ripping people off part.

    Just make sure you work for a reputable's better for you. If they force you and your client into a trade I would look for another job. For ethical and judicial reasons.

    I looked for a job after this gig and I got offers for 30k plus a piece of the commission.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks Dino. Anyone else?