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  2. hi george and vic

    could you please tell me what the major differences are

    in trying to analyze the AG complex in the last 2 yrs versus

    5-10-20 yrs ago ?

    are the markets able to absorb the huge inflows and outflows

    better or worse ( slippage wise ) than in years gone by?

    thanks for your input

    ps if this is something you cannot answer here please feel free
    to PM me

  3. kanellop



    I see your Message and i will try to tell some things about it, by my Side.

    I do not know how was the Agricultural Markets exactly before 5-10-20 Years,

    because, i did not be active in that Markets by my Side.

    I watched from time to time some things relative to them, but until there.

    The last 2-3 Years Period i watch more closely that Markets.

    Especially after my believe of the coming change in Climate that will happen.

    I believe that the Agricultural Products and here now,

    i speak for the Corn, Soybeans and Wheat, are Strategic Products.

    It is not possible these Products to compare with other Products based from the Side of Worth.

    For example,

    People can live without Crude Oil or Gold but never can live without something to eat.

    When you eat for last time?

    Possibly before one hour time period or 2-3 hours ago.

    If you haven't eat what will happen to you?

    Possibly nothing, but if you do not eat the next 12 or 24 or more hours, you will start to starve.

    The Agricultural Markets like any other Markets in comparison with the past, always will have something new.

    New Things appear all the time.

    For example innovations that affect the Agricultural Markets.

    So, Major Differences with the past in trying to analyze the Agricultural Complex, with my opinion does not exist from the Side of the appearance of New Innovations and New Things.

    That happen always.

    Simply the New Innovations and New Things must someone to see,

    how they will affect the Agricultural Markets and how to affect Her/Him into the Agricultural Markets.

    The recent Period of course was exist huge Inflows and huge Outflows into the Agricultural Markets.

    I do not believe that can care very much someone, which their basic Goal is to Invest or to Speculate into the Agricultural Markets, the above things.

    Always Money will come and Money will go, from not only, Agricultural Markets but any Market.

    The basic thing is how someone to caught very fast their Losses into their Investments and into their Speculative Positions and to have Good Trades and Good Investments in something.

    Right now Money have gone from the Agricultural Markets, but, from my Side why to care about it?

    I do not care me that so much.

    Care me what to do by myself relative to the Agricultural Markets.

    That must think everyone.

    Leave the others to do what likes to them.

    But look what to do by yourself.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  4. kalimera george

    a gentleman named mark cook

    ( a trader and a farmer )

    wrote this a while back's-Views-From-The-Barnyard-2009-

    it ended up being a great "macro call"

    more so in equities than in AG

    I agree with you ...

    people need to eat

    imagine if there was something called

    "H20" futures


  5. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    Just wanted to follow up that there is space still available for this event which starts in 1/2 hour. You can attend live (in Chicago) or online. If you can attend live, be sure to stay afterwards for the free cocktail reception.

    The featured presenter is Darin Newsom, Senior Analyst from Telvent DTN. Darin will be at the cocktail reception following the event to answer questions (Q&A is also available during the event).

    Sign up at:
  6. if any of the features speakers or the sponsor can post some of the relevant Q.A. mentioned at the event
    I would appreciate it
  7. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    I think the CME group will be posting a video of the session online. I will let you know how you can get to it as soon as I have it.
  8. kanellop


    That is Good Issue SethArb.

    In this Case, the best is to find the Video of that Conference someone and to see again.

    Until now i have not find it, in the Internet Site of CME.

    With my opinion the Presentation had some bad points.

    Especially in the Field of Organize.

    I can speak only for my self and not for other People as well, for the Problems that i had.

    Was not so easy to register.

    I believe that had register at least 4 times there, for to see the Conference but from CME Site.

    The registration was confusing.

    When i was make it, i was wonder if make it correctly and again make the same procedure from the beginning.

    I say that, for to do not accuse the DTN Company that had the same opportunity,

    meaning to register someone from there, for to participate to the Conference.

    The Rank of the Presentation was not correct.

    The Speakers spoke with different rank.

    Also from time to time some Slides of the Presentation was running with tremendous speed.

    It was not possible to see and to read them, by my Side.

    It is very bad,

    for that so Important Presentation,

    the CME to do not have organize it even better.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  9. smalls


    perhaps English was a factor in the process?

    i got the invite to it a few weeks ago from the CME. registration was easy.

    Was not a fan of the presentation but you can get a few things from time to time.

    that said, talk to your rep to get the video link (or someone in the PR office at the cme)
  10. nice to see some "buying" today in some of the AGs

    methinks however those people who have been shorting the beans will have to reconsider their "agenda"

    next week

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