Commodities: How long will it last?

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  1. we'll be lucky if we get that out of it. i take it the columns round the circle indicate the number of years left the inner part the current usage the outer part the half usage is that correct?
  2. For some reason this reminds me of Pokemon, 'gotta catch 'em all'.

    If US uses resources faster than everyone else, then we would have put to good use much more of the worlds wealth to our own device before everyone else. We will have paid a good rate, especially given the supply/demand driven inflation of prices as supply falls. Also, infrastructure and wealth will have been apportioned to the US as a result of this behaviour while the other nations will then have to fight, along with the US, for the remaining amount the US has not yet consumed.

    It's like a tragedy of the commons story.

    Use it up, before someone else does, especially if we get the resources with money that we create out of thin air.

    US gives dollars and gets all the world's resources. So we get something for nothing. You can bet, when resources run out, the people who trade for nothings will have nothing, those that trade for somethings will have something.
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    Hahahah that's a hillarious idea, we've already got China trying to find a way to get rid of the U.S dollar and the rest are sure to follow, even the EU. No one likes the idea of the U.S' funny money anymore and I doubt they're going to take America's word that they won't inflate the currency anymore than they already have.
  4. LOL!

    I love these posts. Like China isn't throwing trillions into propping their economy right now, or the Euro is just so much more stable because of the great PIIGS.

    Face it, US Haters, every government is insane.
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    So many Americans think their government is the only one acting in this manner. In reality, most if not all governments are doing similar things.
  6. Thats why US or any country should use the resources as fast as they can, so others don't get them.