Commodities Bull or Bear ?

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  1. well the commodities sector just getting pummeled and im stuck :( just went long PD waitin for a bounce that isn't happening... finally signs of slowing growth in metals..
  2. Copper is toast.
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    yea looks like the run is over, shorting FCX taking it over night~
  4. Fundamentally looking weak too. We are in for a housing led recession. Commods are toast in general. I've thought this for quite some time actually.
  5. None of you realize that it's not about the fundamentals of the commodities but about the fundamentals of the US$?

    Adjust all commodity run ups by the US$ devalutation to get a clearer picture. That's just the start.
  6. I understand that perfectly, but unless the $ crashes, this commodity bull run is done.
  7. covered PD at the worst price, and it bounced today... GRRRRRRRRR
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    IMO it is a medium-term bear market in a secular bull market.

    A bit like the near 50% gold correction in the mid 1970s, just before it rose many multiples over the next 5 years. This time I think it may go a bit below $500; oil maybe to somewhere in the 40s. But that will, IMHO, be the time to start buying.
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    Man, I hope so, 'cause I'm loading up the truck at those levels.
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