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  1. What broker is best for commodity futures? I am interested in trading sugar, wheat, corn, etc.
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    Dear Sir,


    I see your Message and i decide to write some Comments.

    When someone want to open a Brokerage Account must try to answer to some things:

    The Brokerage Company that want to open an Account is quite secure to Trust their Money?

    That Brokerage Company have Experience in that Field?

    That Company have very good Trading Platform that someone can send Orders in a very good time and Quality Manner?

    Quality Manner of Trades in a Trading Platform is a very important factor in Futures and not only.

    I mean to how put someone an Order, to how to send it, to how to Cancel it and how to Replace itm to a Trading Platform, that count's a lot.

    The Platform have overall stability?

    The Trading Platform have appearance that does not confuse the Trader and also in that Platform find the things that want very fast and accurate?

    The Personnel of the Company have Knowledge in their Field and are Friendly?

    Have fast response in the Inquries of the Clients?

    A good Personnel resolve the Issues of Clients very fast and also almost for ever!

    I mean when someone have a Question for the Trading Platform and not only, a Good Personnel answer fast and accurate without the need for to call back someone, for to explain again the same things in the Future, meaning that Answer that take for one time someone, last for ever.

    The Margins that have that Company for to open someone Futures positions change it very fast?
    Also have Margins above the Median Margin Average that exist, for to open positions someone in the same Futures in other Brokerage Firms?

    Also the Company have competitive Charges in comparison with the Services that provide with other Competitors?

    I want to note also that someone, can open Accounts in different Companies for to be sure that will have not big troubles if a Brokerage Company in the future collapse.

    After all that, i think that likes me from my Side the recent period 2 Companies a lot.

    One is the ThinkorSwim:

    In ThinkorSwim many times the Founders have answer in my Questions and i find that quite impressive.

    The other Company is R.J. O' Brien:

    In R.J. O' Brien i think that likes me a lot except of all other things, my Representative which is Mr Jeff Ratajczak.

    I find Him very Professional Person that try as best, to provide an Unparalleled Service to me.

    Also is a Company with a Huge History.

    Is a Firm established back in 1914.

    I hope to help you a little.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  4. RJ is good, I once was on call for three or four straight days and they let me slide, finally on the fourth day a check had to be deleivered to the broker. it was funny
  5. Click "Brokers" at very top of this screen, and you will get a number of feedbacks on brokers.

    Don't reinvent the wheel
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    I use TradeStation and Interactive brokers to trade ags. They're not that bad( TS has some datas issues but the software is better than TWS for IB ). Both offers 3 $ per side on average, a little less for ICE products( ib ).

    I think Open e Cry is good too and has better rates.
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    are you new to trading commodities? how much guidance are you looking for with your trading?

    make sure you consider trading the electronic session on those markets now that they are available electronically. You'll pay less and get faster execution than you'd get in the pit.
  8. anyone here trade commodity futures online thru RJO?

    i'd like to know what their best rate / fill is.


    - j
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    I can not understand very well what you mean when you say:

    " i'd like to know what their best rate / fill is. "

    I trade my Side with RJO meaning R.J O' BRIEN Futures.

    I use the RJO Vantage Platform that someone can see it here also:

    Until now i had put only Limit Orders for to Buy and to Sell Futures Contracts into that Platform.

    The Execution was fast and accurate with my small opinion.

    With my opinion that i write above and except of the opinions of others that trade with RJO and maybe exist in the Elitetrader Forum and have not yet put their opinion here, try to contact with RJO Futures too, for to ask for your Issue and then compare all the opinions and choose the best for your Interests.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  10. how much commission do you pay per trade (side, or fill) with RJO, excluding exchange fees and all that?
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