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  1. Guys,

    Quick question. I want to find a way to buy a diversified basket of commodities. I cannot find any ETF or exchange traded fund. Does anyone here know how I could go about buying something similar to the CRB index or Jim Rogers one?

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    It's thin, but one idea is the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index future at the CME.

    Or many managers buy their own basket of crude, gold, etc. futures.
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  4. Guys, thanx.

    I am not allowed to buy futures. Is there any other way that you can think of?
  5. Thanx,

    I would have to ask my lawyers if that is possible, but I am intrigued. Too bad there is no holder or exchange traded fund I can purchase.

    Can you redo the link. That did not work.

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    Sounds like you must be bullish on Commodities long term, as Jim Rogers is. One thing you might consider if you can't find an alternitive in equities is buying a basket of stocks that are correlated to commodites, i.e. mining companies, oil services.
  7. I already have that, but I do not want company specific risks if I can avoid it. How do I get coffee and cotton exposure and stuff also? It has to be a commodity basket.

    This is all jim rogers and marc faber reading.They make a ton of sense.
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    I'm no economist, but since rising commodity prices across the board means inflation, anything correlated to inflation should mimic being long a basket of commodities. Perhaps short bonds?

    I understand your frustrated perseverence in wanting to find something directly related to the commodities. I enjoyed Rogers book and seminar recently. How can you argue with a guy who took the backroads around the world twice?
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